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ACA 1230/28 Accelerator

Availability: No delivery date or availability confirmed

ACA 1230/28 Accelerator

A brand new modern accelerator for the Amiga 1200 computer


  68EC030 running at 28Mhz
  64MB of Fast Memory (SDRAM surface mounted)
  Fully compatible with expansions installed in the A1200 PCMCIA port
  Re-Kick option from software (supports up to 1MB Kickstart ROM images)
  Very efficient 2-1-1-1 burst design
  Low power requirements- no cooling fan required
  Compact design- user slots into trapdoor underneath Amiga 1200
  Optional Clock Kit available

The ACAtune tool will be available to download which lets you tweak some parameters, configure memory and activate Maprom.

The internally facing side of A1200 plastic trapdoor cover will have to be slightly modified if you intend to replace it once the accelerator is installed. A1200 Timing Fixes Required.

Dimensions (Largest): 85.5 mm x 104 mm x 11 mm

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