Wings Battlefield

Wings Battlefield


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Wings Battlefield - the ultimate head to head air combat game for your next-gen Amigas!


  1 to 4 players battle
  split screen or LAN*
  human or CPU opponents
  adjustable CPU intelligence
  player profiles
  adapts to all screen modes / window sizes
  Tate mode (pivot monitor support)
  best played with your digital joysticks
  procedural level editor
  three different landscape styles
  online high scores
  optional full scene antialiasing (Warp3D and Compositing versions only)
  lots of graphics options to get the perfect balance between performance / quality
  localized to English, German, French, Hungarian, Greek, Spanish and Swedish
  automatic updates (actually the first update that adds another gfx option just arrived )
  AmigaOS 4.1, MorphOS, AROS x86 and Windows version included

*if playing LAN sessions each player is required to have his own CD licence key
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