Software Tycoon (Amiga/MorphOS CD)

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In the early eighties, software developers shot up all over the world like toadstools. It was the birth of a new industry. Computers and consoles began a triumphant advance into people`s homes and spread like wildfire.

Software, particularly computer games, sold like hot cakes. This development began with simple games such as "Pong," but soon progressed to much more complex programs which created their own market, a battlefield from the very beginning.

These early days of the industry are the background for the company you are about to start: Armed with a small amount of start-up capital, the year is 1982 when you set out to conquer the games market. Develop your own game concepts, create a team and conquer the world. They say competition is good for business, but never forget that you have cutthroat rivals for the dominance you are seeking...

Software Tycoon AmigaSoftware Tycoon AmigaSoftware Tycoon Amiga

System Requirements

  Pegasos or Amiga computer
  CPU: 603/160Mhz or 68060/50Mhz
  32MB RAM
  CD-ROM drive
  4MB graphics card
  AmigaOS 3.x or MorphOS 1.x