RadeonHD Driver (OS 4)

RadeonHD Driver (OS 4)


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New Radeon HD Driver 1.7 supplied both on Amiga DVD and email registration details to access A-EON Technology's customer secure download area.
Suitable for OS 4.1 computer systems such as the X1000 and AmigaOne 500 / SAM 460ex.
New Users: This DVD will provide one non-commercial licence for a AmigaOS computer to use the RadeonHD driver up to version 1.7, if New Licence option is selected below in the configuration options.  
Upgrade Users With RadeonHD Licence: If you already own the RadeonHD driver through an A-EON digital download licence and wish to get a retail packaged version of the driver, select Upgrade (Existing Licence) below for a discount on the driver package. You will then only be charged for the media. Important: In the order comments, please notify us of your current A-EON user name so we can verify that you own an existing licence.
Driver specifications:

Support for "R520" (X1300-X1950 series)
Support for "R700" (HD4000 series)
Support for "Evergreen" (HD5000 series)
Support for "Northern Islands" (HD6000 series)
Support for "Southern Islands" (HD7000 series)
2D Driver with compositing

Driver requirements:

RadeonHD PCI Express Graphics Card (official compatibility list)
OS 4.1 or greater
X1000 with latest firmware
SAM 460ex
SAM 440ep with PCI to PCI-E adapter
RadeonHD Retail Pack
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Available Options:

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