Rapid Road USB Controller for Amiga 1200

Rapid Road USB Controller for Amiga 1200


Date Added: Wednesday 20 May, 2020

by Raymond Madden

Of all of the upgrades I made to my Amiga 1200, this is the one that I appreciate the most. Installation is fast & easy, the driver installation is quick and works upon re-boot. I use a wireless mouse (with dongle) and it's awesome to use. I also use a portable USB DVD laptop drive that works very well too (of course, you need to use ASIMCDFS or some other software to make it work on your Amiga). The data transfer rates for the DVD drive are very good. I haven't actually used it as a DVD (I don't think it will work), but CD's work as expected. I highly recommend this product. The only downside (at least in the A1200) is that it just sort of ... sits there inside the computer. It's a bit unsightly but, given its performance, I can easily overlook this minor point. Buy this!!

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