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Boost your Amiga 600 chip memory to a full 2MB with this expansion.
Installation is straight forward process: simply slot the A600™ memory expansion onto the trapdoor slot. The trapdoor bay is covered by a small plastic door on underneath the Amiga 600.
This will give the Amiga 600 more graphics memory which is useful for WHDLOAD games and most programs such as Personal Paint.
High quality brand new product with great features at a low price.
1MB RAM to boost total system chip/graphics memory to 2MB
Memory auto configures with no drivers required
Header for optional Real Time Clock module: available installed at special price below or available separately here
Additional 22-pin A1200™ clock-port header for additional expansions (available separately)
Two-page colour manual included
Revision 2.
Stock Status: New from Amiga Kit, assembled in house. Please allow up to 5 working days for assembly and testing.
Copyright © 2004-2019 AmigaKit Ltd. A600 and A1200 are trade marks of AmigaKit Ltd.
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