SCSI to SD Adapter (SCSI2SD) V6

SCSI to SD Adapter (SCSI2SD) V6


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SCSI Interface SCSI-2 Narrow 8-bit 50-pin connector. SCSI FAST10 10MB/s synchronous transfers
SD Card InterfaceFull-size SD, tested up to 32GB Up to 20MB/s
USB InterfaceFirmware updates, configuration, and mass-storage USB 2.0 micro-B. Mass-storage at USB 2.0 FS speeds (1.2MB/s max)
Power5V via floppy 4-pin drive connector, USB, or self-powered using the SCSI host termination power. 2.35W maximum (500mA)
Dimensions (L x W x H)10cm x 9cm x 1.5cm
Performance Up to 10MB/s under optimal conditions. Worst-case performance is generally ~5.5 megabytes/second
Differences between V5 and V6 boards:
Full-Size SD slot. This makes it much easier to develop face plates for external access.
A floppy-style berg power connector is used instead of the traditional Molex plug. This reduces the width of the device, simplifying 3.5" bracket production. Most systems can self-power the board and don't need a separate power cable anyway.
Better performance. The hardware supports synchronous transfers at 10MB/s.
Access to the data via USB. The SCSI2SD drives will appear when connected to a PC via USB. This is limited to around 1.2MB/s (USB FS speeds).
Superior noise resistance to deal with poor termination and poor cabling.
Integrated terminator, now enabled via software configuration
We also stock the 3.5" drive bay mounting bracket (click here)
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