SCSI to SD Adapter (SCSI2SD) V6

SCSI to SD Adapter (SCSI2SD) V6

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SCSI Interface SCSI-2 Narrow 8-bit 50-pin connector. SCSI FAST10 10MB/s synchronous transfers
SD Card InterfaceFull-size SD, tested up to 32GB Up to 20MB/s
USB InterfaceFirmware updates, configuration, and mass-storage USB 2.0 micro-B. Mass-storage at USB 2.0 FS speeds (1.2MB/s max)
Power5V via floppy 4-pin drive connector, USB, or self-powered using the SCSI host termination power. 2.35W maximum (500mA)
Dimensions (L x W x H)10cm x 9cm x 1.5cm
Performance Up to 10MB/s under optimal conditions. Worst-case performance is generally ~5.5 megabytes/second

Differences between V5 and V6 boards:

Full-Size SD slot. This makes it much easier to develop face plates for external access.
A floppy-style berg power connector is used instead of the traditional Molex plug. This reduces the width of the device, simplifying 3.5" bracket production. Most systems can self-power the board and don't need a separate power cable anyway.
Better performance. The hardware supports synchronous transfers at 10MB/s.
Access to the data via USB. The SCSI2SD drives will appear when connected to a PC via USB. This is limited to around 1.2MB/s (USB FS speeds).
Superior noise resistance to deal with poor termination and poor cabling.
Integrated terminator, now enabled via software configuration
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