Kickstart 3.X ROM chips (A1200)

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Kickstart 3.X ROM chips for the Amiga 1200.

This pack contains v45.064 ROM chips. (Updated 10-12-16)

  Patches originally released under the ESCOM and Gateway Amiga ownership (no SetPatch or reboot required)
  scsi.device and exec.library updates by Alexander Benedictov, Chris Hodges, Heinz Wrobel and Toni Wilen
  expansion.library fixes by Jeff Weeks
  FastFileSystem fixes by Etienne Vogt
  mathieeesingbas.library fixes by Harry "Piru" Sintonen
Fix to floppy drive issue affecting some systems in version 45.061

Support for Disks Larger than 4 GB

The scsi.device updates included in the 3.X ROM make it possible to boot from disks larger than 4 GB. Additional elements, such as FastFileSystem 45.9 and Installer 44.10, are included in the Classic Support Workbench 3.1 distribution, and complement the ROM-based enhancements.

For maximum compatibility, the Amiga boot partition should be the first partition of a disk, and it should not be larger than 4 GB. In order to remain compatible with older software that uses 32-bit values to measure disk capacity, a maximum partition size of 2 GB is recommended.

For additional information on support for disks larger than 4 GB, see Amiga Forever Workbench 3.1 Improvements.

Required "workbench.library"
Because workbench.library is not part of 3.X ROMs, a "Libs/workbench.library" file, as included in the Classic Support Workbench 3.1 disk set by Cloanto, must be present on the boot disk. This requirement is in common with later 3.1 ROMs by Commodore and ESCOM, as used with the Amiga 4000T model.

Supplied complete with illustrated installation instructions specific to the A1200.

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