A1200 Capacitor Pack for Professional Recapping

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New A1200™ Capacitor Pack for repair/servicing of an Amiga 1200.
Ideal for replacing vented and leaking old capacitors which can corrode your Amiga motherboard.
We have capacitor packs available for other models and services (< href="advanced_search_result.php?keywords=capacitor">click here).
All electrolytic capacitors are supplied marked with their motherboard location for the Amiga you have selected.
High quality assurance: we use Panasonic and other branded capacitors in this pack. These are capacitor packs are official Amiga Kit Service Approved ™, used in professional servicing and repairs of Amiga motherboards.
We provide our in-house Capacitor Replacement Service for customers who do wish to solder the capacitors themselves.
IMPORTANT: These capacitors are supplied for use by technicians who are experienced in surface mount soldering rework and have appropriate equipment/tools for the task. Working on your Amiga without adequate experience or unsuitable equipment can result in the board being damaged.
Image shown not actual representation: quantity/values/type of capacitor will vary according to motherboard model.
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