Minimig 4MB RAM Upgrade Service

Minimig 4MB RAM Upgrade Service


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This technical service performed by our technicians will modify your Minimig system board to give it total of 4MB memory.

Firmware will be updated on the Minimig to accomodate the memory upgrade.

Please Note: We will continue to give warranty on any Minimig boards modified officially by ourselves which have been purchased from us by the same customer ordering this upgrade service. If the board has not been purchased from us, we can still undertake this upgrade service but any warranty will be void on the Minimig board.

Return shipping charges will be added automatically during Checkout. We encourage you to add shipping insurance.

This service is provided by AmigaKit Technical Services (ATS)

Repairs Form

Please find below the Repairs Form PDF for printing. If you are unable to print this form, we can fax or mail1319 you a copy of this form on your special request.

Repairs Form (PDF)Repairs Form
PDF Format (3020 bytes)

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