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The Mediator PCI 1200 LT4 busboard is designed to enable expansion of towerised Amiga 1200 with a wide range of high-performance, low-cost PCI cards.

Compatible with AmigaOS 3 and the new AmigaOS 4.1 Classic.

4x PCI slots (PCI 2.1 compatible)
Power Management Interface
66/33MHz PCI clock (transfer rate up to 264MB/s)
32-bit PCI datapath
4GB PCI memory space
Busmastering/DMA in all PCI slots
SDRAM/SGRAM of PCI gfx card as a fast DMA buffer
Interrupt controller (4 lines to each PCI card)
AT PSU connectors
Compatibility with 68030/040/060 and Blizzard PPC turbo cards
Fits in any A1200 in E/BOX (Power, Winner), EZ-Z4, Infinitiv tower and D-Box tower

2D graphic drivers for: Voodoo5, Voodoo4, Voodoo3, Voodoo Banshee,
S3 Virge and S3 Virge DX PCI graphic cards
Warp 3D drivers working with Voodoo5, Voodoo4 and Voodoo3 graphic cards
TV tuner drivers for: most of available PCI TV tuners (over 100 models supported)
AHI sound drivers for: Sound Blaster 4.1 Digital, Sound Blaster 128 and
ForteMedia FM801-based sound cards (e.g. Terratec 512i Digital)
USB drivers for the Poseidon stack for: Spider and Spider II USB 2.0 cards
Network Sana-2 drivers for: Fast Ethernet 100Mbps PCI cards
Network Sana-2 drivers for: Ethernet 10Mbps PCI cards

Current info about supported PCI cards is available in the Mediator Driver Guide.

Package contents:
Mediator PCI 1200 LT busboard
Mediator Multimedia CD
Accelerator pass through adapter included
User's Manual