Indivision AGA 4000 / CD32 Scandoubler/Flicker Fixer (Internal)

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Use a VGA Monitor with your Amiga 4000D including LCD Screens!NEW! V1.5 FIRMWARE

Indivision AGA 4000 is a new scandoubler and flicker fixer (de-interlacer). This version is for internal installation in the Amiga 4000 Desktop and Amiga CD32 (Amiga 1200 version available as separate product). It is the most advanced flicker fixer ever produced for the A4000 desktop- allowing VGA monitors (flat screens and CRTs) to correctly display games and applications.

Amiga A4000 Desktop / Amiga CD32 desktop internal, plugs over Lisa, no other chip-connections (other internal flickerfixers used an additional Alice-adapter)
Full 24 bit colour depth for all screenmodes and output frequencies
All OCS/ECS/AGA screenmodes displayed and scan-converted, output is always over 60Hz and flicker-free
Fallback to legacy flickerfixer-type 49.9Hz modes at the user's choice
Optional scanline emulation for retro-feeling
Re-configurable / re-flashable design, new screenmodes can be added with a software upgrade
Genlock compatible (Toaster/Flyer)
No fiddling with adjustments, just plug in and use
Low power consumption, no heat problems (3.3V design, 2.5V core voltage)
Highgfx support (screenmodes up to 1024x768). Example screen-grabs: Highgfx 1 Highgfx 2
Monitor power saving support
Video Toaster compatible

15-pin VGA connectorIndivision 4000 / CD32Indivision 4000 / CD32
Supplied with 15-pin VGA cableIndivision installed on CD32Indivision installed on CD32

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