CybergraphX v4 CD

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CyberGraphX was designed to define an independent graphics standard for Amiga graphic boards. We also wanted to continue our development of Workbench emulations. We included all our knowledge of more than 7 years of graphics board software development for that Amiga which includes Workbench emulation for the Visiona, Domino, PicassoII and now the CyberVision64, CyberVision64/3D, BlizzardVisionPPC and CyberVisionPPC.

CyberGraphX is based on hardware dependant monitor drivers and hardware independant libraries. This has many advantages, one of these being bug fixes in the workbench emulation or speed optimizations is a benefit for ALL graphic boards that are supported by the CyberGraphX system. There is no third party in between the developers and users. This guarantees bug fixes, and continued development of the software in the future.

CyberGraphX works with most major application on the Amiga and there is a large number of Public Domain and Demo software already made. Also CyberGraphX comes with driver for a number of graphics programs.

A few of the new CGX V4 features over CGX V3
  • Expanded support for a number of new PCI, AGP, Zorro 2 & Zorro 3 graphics cards.
  • Supports Rave3D with CGX V4.1 (Currently only the CyberVisionPPC and BlizzardVisionPPC CGX V4.1 drivers are supported. CyberVision64/3D and PicassoIV+VooDoo1 are planed.)
  • Extended CGXMode, new features included VESA modes
  • German/English documentation/online help for CGXMode
  • CGXMode monitor database
  • "CyberGraphX" Commodity (cgx config program) for control of envs and tooltypes
  • Fully compatible with CGX V3
  • Bitmapcache support added for all drivers (supported cards)
  • Latest V43 24Bit DT, picture.datatype
  • Documentation and FAQ, All neccessary files and drivers on one CDROM
  • Updated released on the Web for fast access

CGXV4 Installer