Amiga RGB to VGA Monitor Adapter

Amiga RGB to VGA Monitor Adapter


Date Added: Tuesday 01 December, 2020

by Fabio Giusti

using this on an Amiga 500 straight to a 3LCD projector and it works flawlessly, the quality of the image is extremely good, sharp and stable... I really didn't expect this to be such an upgrade. My Amiga 500 came with the A520 RGB to Composite adapter and the image was rubbish in comparison (but then again I was displaying this to a big projected surface so not really its fault).
I understand that cutting a 25 to 23 pin is not aesthetically the best, but I don't mind crafting given the shortage of 23 pins and not seeing much of an issue (nor another way to do it, frankly) when doing it like this is probably also a way to cut costs and prices so...

For reference, the projector which is fully natively compatible with the Amiga RGB res and 15hz is Epson EB-U05, and it also supports a non-enlarged/zoomed projection to the native res (creating a smallish but perfect image on the wall) if you really want to keep it true.

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