Amiga Future Issue 95 (English)

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1980s Football Manager

AmigaOne X1000 'First Contact', FPGA Arcade, Dragon Memory, Kyrandia 3, Mr Beanbag, Astaroth, Tunnel Run, Low View, AmiKit, SimpleMail, YAM.

Amiga 600 RTC, Kickstart change, C-Workshop part 12, AmigaOS 4.1 Workbench part 7.

Classic Reflection part 3

Interview Stephen Fellner, Editorial, Contents, News, Up2Date, Imprint, CoverCD Content, Leters to the editor, Preview.

CoverCD contents:

GPFax, XCopy Pro included Sourcecode, The Copyist, Keyboard Controlled Sequencer, Midi Recording Studio, Tiger Cub, Tiger Samples

Public Domain:

amiarcadia, crosscrabtris, crosscrabtris_os4, flare, Flare_OS4, imbiss_os4, jack, Letris2011_MOS+OS4, LoViewOS4, MCE-OS4, mixer, pftp, ReportPlus-OS4, smbfs-os4, uade.tar, WormWars-OS4, xmp, YAM27-AmigaOS4,

LoViewAROS, YAM27-AROS-i386, YAM27-AROS-ppc, YAM27-AROS-x86_64,

abrick-ix48, ACSE-src, alienblaster-68k, AlignWindowsSP, amigang, anaiis, AWolf3D, biniax-68k, biniax2-68k, bofh-68k, brickout-68k, C-Password, cdplayer_lib, CGX-AGA, circuslinux-68k, crosscrabtris_os3, doors, entombed-68k, exif-m68k, ffmpeg-git7df9937-m68k, getstack, GoScreen, Grunch, GSGuiSP, HTTPResumeSP, IBrowseSP, IconLib_46.4, klix, Lightnix, LoViewOS3, LoViewWOS, MakeHTMLMap, MCE, meandmyshadow-68k, modifyle, moleinvasion-68k, Mures-68k, nc_invaders_68k, OWB_Turkish_Catalog, PatchWarp3D, penguin-command-68k, Pivoto, pngcrush-m68k, Prism2SP, prism2v2, QuarkTex, refrax_68k, ReportPlus, rockdodger-68k, ScummVM_AGA_040, ScummVM_AGA_060, ScummVM_RTG_040, ScummVM_RTG_060, SDLjump-68k, ShowOpenDocument, SimpleView, smbfs-68k, SplitMultiImgSP, sporktris_68k, stargun-68k, supertux-68k, symbolrechnen, TA1_26, teetertorture-68k, TinyInvaders, TinyLauncher, TopAppSP, Totematik, trackerheroaga, transfer, Tri_Add, Try_Angle, tunnel-68k, Tunnel_Run, vectoroids-68k, VEsp, vor-68k, WBKillWinSP, WBMakeLinkSP, WormWars, xad_rar, xad_xz, xpkTDCS, xpkZENO, YAM13guide_es, YAM27-AmigaOS3, zsc-68k,

crosscrabtris_morphos, LoViewMOS, MCE-MOS, ReportPlusMOS, YAM27-MorphOS,

Multimedia: BoingsWorld Podcast Episode 23 and 24

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