A600 CF IDE Hard Drive 4GB


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A600™ CF Hard Drive
Supplied in retail box as pictured.
Capacity: 4GB
This brand new 4GB CF hard disk drive is ideal for a desktop Amiga A600™. It is silent, low power and fast alternative to a conventional hard disk drive.
It is ready-to-go: we supply it partitioned and fully formatted. The drive is preloaded with our exclusive AmigaKit.com OS Install program which allows you to quickly install Workbench with the minimum of hassle.
Directory Opus 4.16 GPL is preloaded onto the hard disk for easy file management. The Amiga's premier game installer, WHDLOAD (unregistered version) is also pre-installed with kind permission from the author.

Extra apps which can be pre-loaded on hard disk:
PPaint software optionalAs an additional service, we can pre-load a licenced version of the full Personal Paint 7.3c paint/graphics software package to the hard drive at time of purchase. If you want the new PPaint on the hard disk, simply select the PPaint option: this can be found under the Extra Apps On Hard Drive configuration option below.
A600 is a trade mark of Leaman Computing Ltd in the United Kingdom and/or other countries
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