4xEIDE\'99 Buffered Interface (with Allegro CDFS)

4xEIDE'99 Buffered Interface (with Allegro CDFS)


Buffered IDE interface for the Amiga A1200 / A600. Now you can also connect 3.5" IDE devices to your Amiga's 44 pin IDE socket such as CDRWs, DVD's and Hard Disks.
Support for ATAPI standard devices
Two buffered EIDE ports for 4 drives
NEW! Support for large hard disks over 127GB (LBA-48 enabled)
Automatically configured devices
Automatic processor type recognition
Compatibility with all Amiga 1200 turbo cards
Autoboot from ZIP and LS-120
EIDE'99 requires KS2.04 as minimum
Primary EIDE Port (Primary Channel): support for 1x 44-pin device or 2x 40-pin devices.
Secondary EIDE Port (Secondary Channel): support for 2x 40-pin devices.
EIDE'99 Floppy Disk4xEIDE'99 software bundled with 4xEIDE buffered interface provides support for: HDD drives, CD-ROM drives, CD-R drives, CD-RW drives, ZIP drives, LS-120 drives.

AllegroCDFS: the fastest Amiga CD filesystem is also included.

Amiga EIDE99 Front View
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Amiga EIDE99 Rear View
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