ACA 1221 Accelerator

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ACA 1221 Accelerator

Speed up your Amiga 1200 and give it extra memory with this new low cost accelerator.

This is also compatible with the ACA 500.


  Processor (CPU): 68020 (full) 16.67 MHz ¹
  Memory (Fast RAM): 9 MB (optionally expandable to 17 MByte / 33 MByte / 63 MByte at extra cost ²)
  Speed: 9.46 MHz or 17.03 MHz user-settable (standard with all cards)
  Overclocking options: 21.28 MHz or 28.38 MHz at extra cost
  MapROM: 1 MByte MapROM option at extra cost
  Clockport on board accelerator for optional Real Time Clock module and selected clockport devices
  High speed clockport for optional Rapid Road USB add-on

ACA Tune Floppy Disk
ACATune utility is software used to configure features on the accelerator. It can either be downloaded for free or we can supply it on a floppy disk if you select it in the configuration options below.

Real Time Clock Module
Real Time Clock Module add-on can optionally be added to this accelerator. It enables your Amiga to "remember" the time and date even when it is powered down.

ACA 1221 with Rapid Road & RTC
optional extra add-ons
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ACA 1221 with Real Time Clock
optional extra add-ons
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¹ This product uses recycled processors with cosmetic defects such as scratches. CPU is fully guaranteed.
² This product can be upgraded through a digital licence code upgrade after purchase